Travelize is a digital geo-location product developed for companies to phase out traditional - manual Travel Claims; eliminate manual evaluation and simplify your back office procedures
  • Measure travel span with Google synched locations
  • Direct uploads to server
  • Location Access of employee/rider
  • Monitor results from admin panel
  • Analyzed reports of uploaded data

NO range limits

Absolutely no restrictions on field ranges, anyone with GPS and GPRS synchronizations can be reared to the system

Track multiple riders

A single admin can have multiple riders meshed to his account

Time Saver

With automation taking over, accounting for accurate data is no more a tedious task
  • Auto – Synch features exclude painstaking approval processes
  • Computing done by tested codes, employees can concentrate on other concrete problems
  • Instant report generation
  • Data entry backed up on servers

Digital Assistance – Now Synched to Proprietary TRAVEL CLAIMS

custom made, notification enabled, server synch, data analysis
Employee Tracking App
  • Tailored design for rich user experience
  • Simple user interfaces for mobile app users
  • Minimal data usage
  • Data hosted and processed on secured servers
  • Accurate backend codes to analyze fed data
  • Google authentication on geo locations

Instant Notifications

Link your Email to the application to get updated each time the app is used
  • Email notification enabled
  • Prompts as and when the employee starts and end his journey
  • Destination information
  • Notifications and data update about duration of the journey


Approvals and dispatches are no more laborious
  • Exclude pen and paper from travel-claim processes
  • Access to travel data by employee, manager and backend admin
  • Track and manage data from digital devices
  • Reports about targets reached and payments generated instantaneously

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