Why Travelize??

Employee Location Tracking

Necessity is the Mother of Invention - Being in the service industry, we understand the pragmatic problems that companies face in reaching out and delivering value to customers, which is why TRAVELIZE sprouted out in the first place.

Travelize is a digital geo-location product developed to phase out traditional/manual Travel-Claim processes in companies.

We understand our target base, which is why the mobile app is strategically designed to be used even by employees in the lower cadre of the organization.

As and when the rider approves the journey, the app starts synching travel data. Google authenticated locations are marked at the start and end points. Time taken for the journey, locations, purpose and type of vehicle used is saved on servers.

Feature rich backend servers process data before recording for further use; as and when the admin requires, e-reports can be generated. Transparency and Squabble free transactions are the objectives of the application.

Is Company’s Travel Claim Data Overwhelming You??

It’s Time to Shift to Digital Platforms; Sync your company with Travelize today!!!!

In today's competitive world, we can say the world is shrinking. Development in the fields of transportation and communication have made our world a global village. Earlier days, it was difficult to know what was happening in the world. People had to travel for long to reach distant places. But now things have changed. With the modern means of communication, time and distance have been reduced a lot. Internet and smartphones have globally influenced the business, and to make the best utilization of this development, our team has come up with the idea of Travelize – a Field Service Management software.

It is essential to follow up right from the job creation to completion. Our end-to-end service management software optimizes every aspect of your service delivery, providing opportunities to continuously monitor, review and improve your service offering and workforce performance. If you are working with a group of people with diversified roles and responsibilities, it becomes difficult to see the individual's task and evaluate the quality of work.

Here comes Travelize – a product of Field Service Management which helps to manage the work process without putting yourself in hassle. Nowadays, the software has been an essential part of any business, as it allows the manager to review the daily schedule, assign tasks and in the end find which tasks are still pending. Travelize plays a vital role for service-based business who are desperate of opportunities and efficiency.

Projecting is very much stress-free with the help of Travelize and you can manage the staff as well as work accordingly. The work force will know their responsibilities before time. It can also help you whether you need more staff to escalate the output and work efficiency as well as forecasting it accurately. Travelize is an application where you can achieve all your business work and getting the best performance of your staff. It does not need any expertise or practical knowledge because it is made such that everyone can use it easily.

Extending the utility of Field Management Services, Travelize also eases the hectic travel claims for both the Employers as well as the Employees. No more need to save and store the travel and meal claims for months longer, it's just a click with the built-in applications' camera to submit claims. The management can validate the claims and approve/reject accordingly.

Benefits of Travelize as a manager:

  • Track the employee's location, route covered, tasks completed, to do tasks.
  • Track the employees mobile signal strength and battery level with our Dashboard provided.
  • Schedule meetings and track number of meetings attended by each employee.
  • Validate the claim with GPS location.
  • No more mess with the physical bills, all bills are sent as images.
  • Aware of sales status and travel data history, unlike irksome outdated methods.
  • Priority tasks can be instantly updated which pops up as alerts.
Employee Location Tracking
Employee Location Tracking

Benefits of Travelize as a field worker:

  • View the meetings and get details of client's name, time of the meeting, address, contact number and directions to reach there.
  • Once users end the direction, instantly the application calculates the Distance Travelled and Time Taken for the journey. The user can update the completed tasks easily. Claim the travel bills and other expenses instantly. In built camera to upload the bills and other expenses and go ahead with another meeting.
  • Field workers of any cadre can use it easily since it is a user-friendly mobile application. Communicate and clarify the tasks to avoid confusion and delay in completing the work.
  • Minimum data usage.

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