Travelize Features


Remote Attendance

  • Efficient attendance recording from remote areas.
  • Remote “check in/check out” option.
  • Location capture.
  • Live updates to the manager.
  • Export the reports.


  • Plan & assign day-to-day meetings to field staff.
  • Update meeting status & add notes.
  • Retag meeting location in a click.
  • “Direct visit”- Self-schedule meetings on the go.
  • Mark “My visit” in mobile app for unplanned meetings.
  • Automatically tracks time spent in meeting location.
  • Generate date-wise meeting reports.

Live Tracking

  • Cutting edge mobile workforce management tool.
  • Locate your field executive in real-time with GPS.
  • Track the route of each meeting attended by the executive.
  • Set up custom tracking and work-site geo-fencing.
  • Get the accurate estimate of the distance travelled.


  • Update and assign leads to field staff.
  • Track lead status in real-time.
  • Segregate leads based on lead status.
  • Manage and follow-up leads in mobile app.
  • Add notes and attachments.
  • View leads history.
  • Download reports.
Lead Management Application
Travel Claim Management

Travel Claims:

  • Automatically records travel distance (Kms) & time (s).
  • Alerts on the start and end of destination.
  • Track and view exact travel history.
  • Submit travel claims online.
  • Attach images of extra bills.
  • Review and approve claims with proof.
  • View claim status in the mobile app.

Dealer Management

  • Track and manage day-to-day orders.
  • Real-time visibility of stock movement.
  • Instantly updates stock levels through IOT.
  • View summary of sales & payments.
  • Records and stores the data in one place.
  • Download reports.
Travelize- Employee Dashboard


  • Instant insight on field executive activity details.
  • View all modules and reports with vivid graphics support.
  • Easy data analysis and visualization.
  • Mobile battery level & signal strength indicator.
  • Work status notifications of all employees.

Cloud Storage

  • Store data in the cloud database with encrypted security.
  • No more worries about data loss.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Secured backup.
  • Highly reliable.
Cloud employee monitoring Application
Customised Employee tracking Application


  • Client specific customization.
  • User specific ID and password.
  • Various add on modules:
    • - Human Resource Management
    • - Project Management
    • - Stock Management
    • - Customer Relationship Management