Employee GPS Tracking Software


The Dashboard provides a snapshot view of your Employees and Meeting data with quick and easy data analysis and visualization. Travelize dashboard consists of the current location of the user with the Mobile battery level and signal strength to track your employees and work status.

  • You can say,
  • I know my employee locations
  • I know my sales status
  • I know my average sales
  • I can know meeting status instantly
  • Travel data history
Employee Travel Management Software

Track and manage employees in the field

Turn your employee’s phone into a cutting edge mobile workforce management tool. Set up custom tracking and work-site geofencing to monitor site attendance.

  • You can say,
  • I know my employee locations
  • I know my employee route covered
  • I know my employee mobile signal strength
  • I know my employee mobile battery level
Online Travel Management Software


With Travelize Meeting Scheduler component, you can schedule meeting in one click. The interactive backend is optimized for mobile devices and lets you assign meetings easily.

  • You can say,
  • I can schedule meetings to my employees
  • I can know the status of meetings
  • I can know meetings list
  • I can know number of meetings attended by each employee
Employee Activity Tracker


Travelize includes digital travel claim for easing the workflow of travel claims. Now its time to say good bye to manual claiming process and holding the expense bills. Travelize-claims aids to get accurate distance travelled and upload bills instantly.

  • You can say,
  • I know the accurate distance travelled
  • I can validate the claim with GPS location
  • I need not file the physical bills anymore
  • I can approve or reject based on the requirement
Employee Movement Tracking


Pre-built arithmetic and statistical functions in Tavelize Analytics can help you see the key performance metrics that matter. You can also define your own KPMs to meet specific reporting needs.

  • You can say,
  • I know my KPM on daily basis
  • I can export report in one click
  • I can visualize the report in one glance
  • I need not spend time in generating reports
Sales Representatives Tracking Software

Additional features

  • Single user, multi-rider operations
  • Multi admin access
  • User specific ID and password
  • Client specific customization

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