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Employee GPS Monitoring Application

Origin of Travelize

Travelize originated due to the enthusiastic approach by a group of talented IT professionals who sought to revolutionize the field staff monitoring with automated technology throughout the world.
With the latest technology, the necessity for bringing in all employees under one layout is reducing at a fast pace. Many companies send their employees for the field work. Construction companies, oil rigs, marketing agencies, technical service providers, and many other enterprises work with field employees. There are even cases when team members and the manager will have virtual meetings for months. In spite of that, there are numerous focal points, for both the administration and the managers with this kind of work, there is one noteworthy disadvantage.

Travelize - Employee Monitoring Software fills this gap. You can get to know your employees’ exact location in one click. Simple to download and easy to use employee location monitoring mobile application, allows managers, teams to connect and communicate.

Why Travelize?

Travelize is a digital geo-location product developed to phase out traditional/manual reporting processes in companies. Software is an essential part of any business as it allows the manager to review the daily schedule assigns tasks, and in the end, finds which tasks are still pending. Travelize plays a vital role in a service-based business who are desperate for opportunities and efficiency.Our end-to-end service management software optimizes every aspect of your service delivery, providing opportunities to continuously monitor and improve your service offering and workforce performance.
Business Management is stress-free with the assistance of Travelize, and you can manage the staff as well as work accordingly. The workforce will know their responsibilities before time. It can also help you whether you need more staff to escalate the output and work efficiency as well as forecasting it accurately. Travelize is Business Management Software where you can archieve all your business work and get the best performance of your staff, Which does not need any expertise or practical knowledge because it's user-friendly.

Employee Monitoring Software

Benefits of Travelize

Business manager

As a Manager

  • Get to Know the employee's location, route covered, tasks completed, to do tasks.
  • Identify the employees’ mobile signal strength and battery level.
  • Schedule meetings and find number of meetings attended by each employee.
  • Aware of sales status and travel data history, unlike troublesome outdated methods.
  • Priority tasks can be instantly updated which pops up as alerts.
Field employee

As an Executive

  • View the meetings and get details of client's name, time of the meeting, address, contact number and directions to reach there.
  • Once users end the direction, instantly the application calculates the distance travelled and time taken for the journey.
  • Claim the travel bills and other expenses instantly.
  • In built camera to upload the bills and other expenses and go ahead with another meeting.
  • Field workers of any team can use it easily since it is a user-friendly mobile application.