Simplify Reimbursement Process with Travel Claim
Management Software

Smart money management in business may be a daunting task if not aided by the right set of tool. In today's business world, it is essential to take advantage of anything that can give a cutting edge to your business development whether it is more productive, more accessible or visible to potential customers. One such technology is Mobile technology which is necessary for the connected network, higher work-efficiency, and productivity.

Just imagine! What If the manager/admin sitting in an office or from anywhere be able to view the travel history of field employee and how is reimbursement settled?

It is vital for every management to have a real-time visibility & control over the employee travel expenses. Managing field workforce and making them be more productive is just near impossible if the organization still relies on paper pen process, receipts & a list of customers to visit for the day. Reviewing travel expense reports is overwhelming, especially when the managers don't know what to look for in the report submitted by employees and whether the information provided by field employees is correct or not. There may be chances when the field employees travelling around the city or locality may come up with fake expense reports & if the management is unable to assess this, it will incur a loss.

To overcome this difficulty, there has to be an easier way, right? Yes, Travelize is the right solution to automate the business process for quick reimbursement and allows easier validation of employee work-performance and their travel claims by HR & Accounts team.

Employee travel claim application How will Travelize Automate Field Travel Expense & Claim Process?

Travelize is a web-app based easy-to-use Employee Workforce Management Software which records the route taken by field employee to reach the client destination with defined geo-location, & distance (Km). Google maps will alert for start & end of destination. The manager can monitor and monitor claims, starting from expense claims submission, approval, reimbursement, and reporting. Also, manager can view the team members current location & activities at a glance.

The collaboration of all the team members in one place will help the organizations to manage field travel expenses that will enable field work-force to connect in less time with better accuracy. It is simple and hassle-free to manage field travel expense & claim process. Therefore, automation will turn the expense bills into entries automatically and organizations can take control over the expenditures and simplify the expense approval process & reimburse employees quickly.