Expertise workforce proficiency of the field employee by
an Employee GPS Monitoring application.

Mobile technology has opened the doors for organizations to streamline the business process with Employee GPS Monitoring Application to maximize visibility and accuracy of the workflow. To stay connected with employees is accomplished by adopting Travelize for business to improve workforce performance and enhance operational efficiency.

Travelize - Employee GPS Monitoring app, Monitor team member’s activity & location, especially in field services like sales and deliveries where there might be several customer visits every day. Travelize is also the Online Attendance Management System which allows managers and HR’s of an organization to monitor the attendance of each employee along with live location, time, date. The automatically recorded data is stored in the cloud database, which can be accessed to download reports anytime from anywhere with ease.

Travelize is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly app available for Android and iOS devices, which allows employees to use their smartphone or tablets and benefits both the organization and employees to build the communication channel and save time.

Brief features:

  • Remote Attendance Monitoring System.
  • Meeting scheduler with the retag location option.
  • Live location Monitoring of employees.
  • Leave Management System.
  • It has a dashboard to view instant information about employee activities.
  • It's got Cloud storage to store recorded data.