Benefits of an Online Attendance Management System

In the earlier days, it was not easy for the HR and Manager to monitor the attendance of an employee, about what time he/she is logging in, logging out. Most businesses still manage employee attendance records on a spreadsheet. If the employee is out on fieldwork, and not able to come down to the organization to mark the attendance, then there is a problem. This manual attendance management practices will impact on the employee as well as on business productivity.

To overcome this Travelize, an online attendance management system was developed for employees to mark attendance. If the field employees are out to visit clients and could not make it to the office then the attendance marked by them on the travelize application will capture time along with the location using GPS, user can give the information about the day plan. Now this benefits the manager, HR, and the team leader, they get complete attendance details about their employees in real-time and can see users location on the map, and will also receive a notification when any team members mark attendance. It reduces the manual process of attendance management and saves time and will have the monitor on employees.

Alongside attendance, travelize is also an Online Leave Management System, which helps organizations to store accurate records of leave information and access online anytime from anywhere. Travelize is an efficient leave management system to subsistence the updated information about the employee attendance details to HR/Manager. As an employee, one can apply for leave by logging into Travelize mobile application within few steps.

1. Select leave type (Sick/Casual)
2. Leave term (From-To Date)
3. Add note
4. Submit leave.

Employee Expense and Claim Management Software The manager receives notification for leave authorization from a specific employee who has requested for leave and data is instantly visible in the application. On the other end, the employee can check for Leave status (Approved/Rejected) on the mobile app.

Based on the employee availability, Team-Lead/manager can allocate the task to team members to achieve the business targets/project timelines. The leave management feature of Travelize can help organizations to manage leave request, process leave applications, view leave status, reduce the errors in processing payroll and minimize the time & effort of HR in managing the leave records manually and provide easy access to real-time data.

Employees are the core of business success. It is important to have a reliable leave management system in every organization as it plays a vital role in shaping the organizational culture. Therefore, Travelize – Leave Management system will save time to increase transparency among employees and build a good employee-employer relationship in an organization.